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DateWeek DayClassTopicReadingsOffline lectureHW outHW in
1/261Tu1Introduction to robot manipulationCh1, Ch2Lec 1  
1/28 Th2Coordinate transformationsCh3, A1Lec 2MP1 
2/22Tu33D rotationsCh4Lec 3  
2/4 Th4Joint space and Cartesian spaceCh5Lec 4MP2MP1
2/93Tu5Inverse kinematics and optimizationCh6.1,6.5-8, B.3.1Lec 5-6  
2/11 Th6Geometry and collision detectionCh7
Lec 7-8MP3MP2
2/164Tu7C-space and grid-based planningCh8, 9.1,2,4Lec 9-10  
2/18 Th8Sampling-based motion planningCh10 MP4MP3
2/235Tu9Manipulation planningCh12.1,3   
2/25 Th10Grasp planningCh12.2 MP5MP4
3/26Tu11Visual sensing and perceptionCVAA 2.1, 12.2   
3/4 Th12Camera calibrationCh22 MP6MP5
3/97Tu13Object pose estimation, ICPCVAA 6.1-2   
3/11 Th14Introduction to computer visionCVAA 12.4-5 MP7MP6
3/168Tu15Image-based grasp prediction   
3/18 Th16Tactile sensing and force control  MP8 MP7
3/239Tu17Object recognitionCVAA 4.1,4.3, 14.4 
3/25 Th18Object segmentationCVAA 5.2,3,5 MP8 
3/3010Tu19Deep learning 
4/1 Th20Learning on point clouds    
4/611Tu21Contact modeling  
4/8 Th22Wrench space  
4/1312Tu[BREAK DAY]  
4/15 Th23Task-and-motion planningCh12.4 
4/2013Tu24Manipulation under uncertaintyCh11.3-4 
4/22 Th25Reinforcement learningTBD   
4/2710Tu26End-to-end learningTBD  
4/29 Th27Final project presentations    
5/411Tu28Final project presentations    

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MP1    Introduction to Klampt, coordinates, and transforms
MP2    Forward and inverse kinematics
MP3    Robot, object, and world representations
MP4    Sampling-based motion planning
MP5    Pick and place planning
MP6    Camera calibration with fiducials
MP7    Iterative closest points
MP8    Image-based pick-and-place